Ethiopia Kena


Ethiopia Kena

A new natural processed Ethiopia to replace the amazing Kochere Boji. This coffee is -  as you would almost expect - from the Guji zone and more specifically, near Odo Shakiso town. 

It’s a little floral with a winey mouthfeel and sweet notes of dark chocolate and red grape.

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A little more info: It’s variety is also not much of a surprise - it’s mixed heirloom or regional landrace variety, grown at 1800 - 2100masl.

It’s grown by Daniel Tadesse and Zeritu Godana on their farm called Kena. Daniel inherited 2 hectares of land some years ago and using knowledge from his studies in agriculture and what he had learnt from his father now produces amazing coffee. Over the years he has grown the farm to a size of 15 hectares - buying up his neighbours lots!