Ethiopia Diima Benti #3 Natural Espresso


Ethiopia Diima Benti #3 Natural Espresso


This natural coffee takes its name from the Oromiffa word for red, “diima,” from a collection of smallholder farms that produce a selection of the highest quality and beautifully vibrant red cherries in the heart of Guji. These Guji farms are lucky to have some of the most perfect conditions for producing high scoring cups, sitting at 2000-2500 masl. Lots of time was spent this year on improving the land, planting new seedlings over old trees and preparing for a heavy season of rainfall - the ideal situation before a busy harvest. 

The Diima Benti Nenka #3 is made up of two Local Landrace varieties, the Wolisho and the Kurume. With notes of candylike fruits and black tea this cup has an intense sweetness and citric-like acidity which amazed cuppers at the table. 

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