Ethiopia Bogalech Espresso


Ethiopia Bogalech Espresso


Get down to Bogalech Avenue (does this work?) because we’ve got a new natural Ethiopia. Taking the reins from the much-loved Bookkisa, the Bogalech is a complex, bright, sweet, fruity, funky little cup. If we're trying to pin it down we're thinking hard candy and black tea and lemon. 

Coming from the Sookoo producers, this coffee was farmed by Bogalech Dukkale, who after inheriting her family’s farm in Guji took over the reigns and has been producing high quality coffees since. Coming from a family of coffee producers means a long history of understanding what works and how the landscape and environment is ever changing, and there are certainly lots which we have that echo that knowledge - this is one of them. 

Naturally processed by Sookoo and grown at 2000 - 2180 masl, this landrace varietal is an example of why natural Ethiopian coffees are simply so well loved.

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 Ethiopia Bogalech Espresso