Ethiopia Ambela


Ethiopia Ambela

A new coffee to replace our beloved Dimtu Tero. Again, it’s natural processed and from Guji region, but this time from a wet mill in Gigessa!

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One more natural Ethiopian to keep us going through these hot summer days. Fresh harvest is slowly making its ways here, but until then we've got this lovely, easy going coffee from about 6000 smallholders located in the Guji region (of course). Its lemon, peach and milk chocolate all day long....

The mill then delivers all its processed coffee to the Ethiopian Commodity exchange. They grade the coffee again and “name” it based on where it came from.

Exporters then buy this coffee at the exchange and move it to their warehouses. These guys have a good inside knowledge of what coffee came from where and how good it is. Prices fluctuate – it’s all supply and demand and market forces.

The exporters then offer samples to importers – In this case Nordic Approach. The importers taste and select lots and then ship it over to their warehouse in the UK.

At the end of the line there’s us, the roasters who taste samples of the coffees and select one, like this one.

And there you have it. A lot of information in a tiny font.