Espazzola group head cleaner

Espazzola shower screen cleaner

You know who hates dirty groups? We do. You do. We’re sure you do otherwise you wouldn’t be here. For real taste and a clean espresso one of the most important elements is a clean group head. So what can you do? You can get an Espazzola that’s what you can do. A handy little tool that cleans your grouphead without the risk of burning yourself - which has happened to us all repeatedly through years of coffee service.

The Espazzola fits into most professional and semi-professional group-heads. This covers most of the machines for commercial use as well as for coffee enthusiasts. The plastic back of the Espazzola also doubles as a steam wand cleaner. 

To make sure the Espazzola works for you, measure your tamper - it must be at least 57mm wide and at most 59mm.

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