El Salvador La Divina 'Kenya'

El Salvador

El Salvador La Divina Providencia 'Kenya'

We have been fortunate enough to have secured another small amount of the delicious natural processed ‘kenya’ variety microlot from producer Roberto Ullua. He continues to produce amazing coffees, thanks to his skill and knowledge in coffee farming and plant biology. This was again a collaboration with the infamous Rodolfo Batlle who, processed and exported the picked cherry from Roberto. It has a winey mouthfeel with notes of plum, stewed peach and cane sugar.

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We managed to get in just in time to secure 5 bas of this 10 bag lot.Transportation and logistics was smoother this time round. No delays and no miss deliveries.

Rodolfo Batlle, who specialises in coffee production and import from Colombia and El Salvador imported this coffee and not only that, he processed it too. It was fermented on raised beds straight after picking each day without first ‘floating’ the cherries to find defects. This technique means there’s more work to be done sorting the coffee at the dry mill, but Rodolfo thinks it keeps more of the juices and micro organisms in the cherry, which is a plus for the flavour. 

The Kenya variety we mentioned is a bit of a tricky one. It is a variety that has grown there for a long time and the locals know it as Kenya. Some say its SL28, but no one is quite sure….. yet. Story has it that a hunting expedition in Africa brought some seeds back and they were planted. At some stage later they were ripped out, but rescued by Don Vicente, who planted them and took cuttings. The plants were never pruned and there now stands a pretty large coffee tree on his farm. These trees were propagated though and so it is believed that every ‘kenya’ variety plant that exists now came from these plants. Well it’s a great tasting variety whatever it is!