El Salvador La Divina Bourbon Honey

El Salvador

El Salvador La Divina Providencia Bourbon

From the same farm as the somewhat famous ‘Kenya’ Natural comes a Honey processed Bourbon variety. Again, it’s grown by producer Roberto Ullua and processed by Rodolfo Batlle who processed and exported the picked cherry from Roberto. This coffee is sweet and creamy with toffee, candied orange and pure cacao.

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Rodolfo Batlle, who specialises in coffee production and import from Colombia and El Salvador imported this coffee and not only that, he processed it too. It was fermented on raised beds straight after picking each day without first ‘floating’ the cherries to find defects. This technique means there’s more work to be done sorting the coffee at the dry mill, but Rodolfo thinks it keeps more of the juices and micro organisms in the cherry, which is a plus for the flavour.