Colombia Rafael Amaya Espresso


Colombia Rafael Amaya Espresso


We are very happy to receive our first coffee from this year's harvest! It has been a tough time for the Colombian people and we are very grateful to be able to still receive coffee at all! The shipping was also plagued with delays and this pallet was lost for a few days so our hope was waning.

Thankfully it arrived and it’s tasting great! 

This microlot is produced by Rafael Amaya on his farm Finca La Virginia, located in Timana, Huila. It is made up of the Pink Bourbon variety (with cherries that turn pink when ripe instead of the usual red or yellow) grown at between 1700 and 1800 masl and Rafael carried out a washed carbonic maceration during processing.

This coffee shows his skill and understanding of the process, it has the tea-like clarity of a washed coffee with a bright citric acidity and a rich malty complexity from the extended fermentation.

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What’s a washed carbonic maceration you ask? Well, first the cherry is dry fermented for 50 hours at 23 degrees in grain pro bags with added CO2. The cherry is then de-pulped to remove the flesh and the remaining beans are fermented for another 50+ hours in grain pro bags before being dried on raised beds.

Rafael has grown coffee for about 20 years and moved into specialty production after completing extra training in 2014. He got into extended fermentation after a recommendation from his teacher and never looked back from there.