Colombia Villa Clabelina #3


Colombia Villa Clabelina #3

Picture yourself sitting in the sun, it’s quiet. You’re leaning against a tree...

A new coffee from Ciudad Bolivar in Antioquia grown by producer brothers Hernan and Eugenio Prieto Soto. It’s a mix of Caturra and Colombia varieties grown at between 1510 and 1800 masl and it carries on our tradition of a sweet, jammy and yet crisp flavour profile with notes of hibiscus and red apple.

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A large hat protects your face from the burning afternoon-sun. The tree provides just enough shade and a peaceful breeze makes it very comfortable. 

You’re chewing on a fresh piece of sugarcane. You hear birds chirping and if you listen even closer, you can hear the sea, even though it’s not that close. You look up the hillside to your right and see coffee cherries being picked. Manually of course. Not because that’s better per-se, but because no person in his right mind would ever consider driving up that steep hill with a harvesting truck. 

You’re at 1650 masl and the top of the hill must be about 1800 meters at least. It occurs to you that there must be a bright acidity in those beans...

You look down to the mill where they collect all the cherries. You can almost smell the sweet raisin-like scent from the cherries in the depulper, but it is smothered by the fumes of a two-stroke moped from the 1920’s as it roars past and ruins the moment. You look back down to the mill and see all the water channels used for the washed process. That must result in a clean, crisp cup you think to yourself...

An old man walks past, gives you a handful of coffee-cherries and starts talking about the 50 year old farm that they are from called Villa Clabelina. It’s 22 hectares and has 105,000 tree’s. While you’re chewing on the sweet flesh of the cherries, you can just imagine what this must be like as an espresso: “sweet and jammy, maybe even a bit winey The man says he always makes filter coffee, not because he wants to but because he can’t afford an espresso machine. He doesn’t seem to mind and says this coffee tastes like sweet raspberries, red berries and hibiscus. 

At that point you wake up, realise you’re still in lockdown and decide to order the coffee online because that’s the closest thing you can get at the moment.