Colombia La Habana


Colombia Finca La Habana

From Finca La Habana in Tolima comes a new washed coffee to join our collection. This one is a little floral with tropical and stone fruit acidity and sweet cane sugar notes.

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Finca La Habana is located in the San Antonio region at 2150 masl. Its owned and run by Santos Viscera, who's been winning awards for his work quite recently and now you can taste why.

This coffee is a mix of both caturra and typica varieties and I hear you asking - tell me more about these varieties! - Well, Caturra, which came out of Brazil as a natural mutation of the bourbon variety is well known in the coffee world. It never took off in Brazil but it is very common in Colombia and Costa Rica. It’s known for its great sweetness and acidity. The second player - Typica is the grandfather of cultivated arabica in the world. It was smuggled out of the land that is now called Yemen and made its way to india and then Java to become the basis of many of the varieties we know today.

We sourced this coffee through Rodolfo Batlle, a man who is hard to track down and one day appears for a few hours, usually en-route to Colombia or El Salvador. He has been working on prolonged fermentation with Santos and is bringing great these great coffees into Europe.