Colombia Hacienda San Alberto – Paraiso


Colombia Hacienda San Alberto – Paraiso

It has more tropical notes with banana and grape and a heavy sweetness.

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In the 2016 World barista championship, we talked about different varieties from the same farm and how interesting it is to taste varieties, keeping all other factors the same.

When we started our roastery this became more difficult when buying coffees from origins like Ethiopia and Kenya where almost everything is Heirloom and SL28/SL34. We were looking for new coffees from Colombia and found these two little gems, so we jumped at the opportunity to have two different varieties from the same farm that are very tasty too!

The farm, Hacienda San Alberto located in Buenavista, Quindío is run by producer Juan Pablo Villotas. They produced this first micro-lot - El Paraiso from cherries growing at the lowest point on this farm at 1500masl- from the Castillo variety

Castillo got its name from Jaime Castillo the researcher at Cenicafe (Colombias coffee research institute) and was developed as a better version of the Colombia variety. 

The Colombia, which was a Hybrid of the Caturra and Timor Hybrid was developed between the late 60s and early 80s. There was quite a bit of hybridisation going on then! It was created all in the name of disease protection (from the Timor), while maintaining cup quality (from the Caturra) and helped weather the storm that was Colombia’s first leaf rust outbreak in 1983.

However, Cenicafe kept up the work, planning for more and different outbreaks to come and the result was Castillo.

We are not quite done, this is actually more specifically Castillo Paraguaicito, one of 7 sub-cultivars developed for the soil of climatic differences around the country. The Cenicafe testing station for this sub cultivar is very close to the farm coincidentally. Ok, that's enough for now.

This lot was picked on a single day and selected following the Quíntuple quality standards, with only 100% red ripe cherries being selected for the lot. It has more tropical notes with banana and grape and a heavy sweetness.