Brazil São Silvestre 040 Espresso


Brazil São Silvestre 040 Espresso


Eduardo Andrade and his brother Ismael are the co-owners of Andrade Brothers, which has three farms located in Minas Gerais. São Silvestre, which was bought in the early 90’s in Serra do Salitre produces a wide range of coffees and the 040 Aerobic Natural is a great example of what they can do! 

It is made up of Yellow Icatu variety, chosen for its high glucose and fructose and grown at 1200 masl. It was harvested by machine on the 6th of July 2021 before being taken to the mill on the farm for processing. The cherries were sorted for density and colour to select only ripe well developed cherries. It was then fermented in open air tanks at an average temp of 25 degrees for 80 hours and then slow dried on raised beds for 25 days to encourage a  more uniform drying. More precision and care you cannot get! But, what to expect in the cup? Stone fruit acidity with notes of sweet cherry and salted hazelnut chocolate!

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The Andrade family have been growing coffee since 1901 and the brothers took over the farms in the 70's. Their dedication to quality has paid off and they have one multiple awards for their coffees over the years!