Brazil Project AAA


Project AAA

We proudly present Project AAA from Honey Coffee Farms. The triple A doesn’t refer to the Nespresso sustainable quality program or the small batteries, no no. It’s the first letter of the names of the three partners that founded this project: Alesandro, Augusto and Ademilson. They only produced 300kg of this coffee and the growing altitude is 1450 masl, which is pretty high for Brazilian standards. The variety is mainly Acaiá with a little bit of bourbon, and they extended the fermentation in cherry prior to drying it. 

All of this makes it a bright and fruity coffee with the smooth syrupy body and chocolate notes that Brazilian coffee is known for. 

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The fact that we have this coffee was a bit of a lucky gamble. A friend of ours had moved to Switzerland to find love and fortune. He just started working for an online platform that connects coffee roasters to coffee farmers. One sunny afternoon he calls us to announce they’re auctioning the top ten coffee’s from a farmers-competition in Brazil. He told us to try and buy the winning lot because it was supposed to be very good. 

10 hours later, due to a glitch in the system, we had bought the lot. A week before the auction and even before cupping it (:

Luckily enough it turned out to be a good gamble!