Brazil Sao Francisco da Bela Vista


Brazil Sao Francisco da Bela Vista

This is our second coffee from the Mantiqueira de Minas region and it’s great! Maybe that’s not a coincidence. Think chocolate, a little nuts and a spicy finish.

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The culmination of growing at 1100 masl, the pulped natural processing, the yellow catuai variety and a producer – Tarcízio Aldo Zugliani, who has been improving the farm since he bought it in 1993 has produced a sweet, balanced, chocolaty and of course nutty (theres always nuts) coffee with a little acidity. Its doing the ‘classic Brazil’ thing and doing it well!

The Catuai variety is a bit of a staple in the specialty coffee world. Its a man-made hybrid, created in 1949 in Brazil, between the Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties and, unlike the model T, comes in two colours red or yellow. It quite popular for large production because it produces a lot fruit, is a small and compact plant and can handle the weather well.

Apparently, the name Catuai comes from the language of the Tupi-Guarani, who were South American aboriginals and means very good. Great huh! We could continue on about all the other things that contribute to producing this coffee and why its so good. Theres the rotary driers, soil analysis, drying terraces, better processing equipment… But in the end it’s always the combination of focus, care and the attention to detail of everyone who handles this coffee that makes it great. Now, that’s a positive ending