New Kenya!

Somehow, I don’t imagine I will be able to write about every coffee that comes in. I already missed the Ethiopia heirloom, but I think its important to do it. Buying coffee is not an easy decision. It requires a lot of cupping (tasting), discussing and in the end picking the coffee that fits what your looking for.
In our case, buying a new lot of fresh crop Kenya, we were looking for what we call a great Kenya. It’s hard to say more really. You just have to taste it to see what we mean.

We heard a lot of mixed things about Kenyan coffees this year. The harvest wasn’t as big, prices were much higher, the quality wasn’t as good, north was becoming west and black was grey. Well…. you get the idea. From what we have cupped and tasted so far its not so bad. Yes, its a little more expensive all round, but its tasting great and it still has those classic Kenya flavour notes that we pine for when its all sold out.
Enough of the romanticism. Kenya is back in stock.
It’s another SL28 / SL34 variety and also from Nyeri again, but this time from there Gathaithi wet mill.
About 800 farmers from the area around the mill made the decision to bring their cherries to be pulped (flesh removed by machine) at this mill, around January of this year. They all have small farms with about 100 trees.
The farmers can actually choose which wet mill to take their cherries to and its quite competitive. The wet mills all auction off the coffees and the more they can sell the coffee for the more the farmer gets. Needless to say the wet mills that get higher prices, which is all based of quality of the coffee, attract more farmers.
The also have a 4 disc Agaarde Pulping machine at this mill. I wish I could say more about the pulping machine. Its better than the 3 disc, but thats all Ive got really. Still, good to know, i guess.

To sum up. We like coffee from Kenya. Its also nice served cold. It comes in sacks, which someone painted Africa on, and then coloured in Kenya for us. Its a little hard to be 100% sure and its kind of a funny thing to do, but cool.

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