When we designed our label, we wanted to find a way to describe the coffee and its flavour more precisely, or at least try to make it clearer for our customers. We choose country and variety as the main descriptors of the coffee. What we didn’t count on is that we would have a lot of coffee from Ethiopia of the ‘heirloom’ variety and in short, pretty much every coffee from Ethiopia is described as heirloom – at least for the time being – so, our labels don’t really say anything about the coffee anymore.

We have therefore taken the executive decision, in consultation with our marketing department and art department to change our original decision!

In a nutshell the labels are going to change – we are going to put the region next to Ethiopia. This is still not ideal as we have now bought two coffees from the Guji region, however we think its the best way to give an idea about what the coffee will be like from a distance before tasting it.

We hope you find it a little clearer! (And….It’ll probably change again in the future anyway)

Until next time…

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