Colombia La Gaitania Filter


Colombia La Gaitania Filter


Something less discussed in coffee is the history of the origin itself, even the more contemporary issues that shape a region have a massive part to play in the production and exportation of coffee. Tolima is one of those regions that until recently has been considered one of the more dangerous production spots - with FARC presence only recently declining. On top of the political aspect, Tolima is remote and challenging to access, being flanked by the Andean mountains and Magdalena river basin. 

So I’m sure you can imagine how good the coffee must be from there if despite the geographical maze of Tolima, there’s still all the work going into getting it out. 

This washed offering we have is a make up of the Caturra & Castillo varieties, grown at 1500 - 1900 masl. Sweetness is the main component here, with lots of caramel and cane sugar but balanced with some high acidity and freshness. 

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Colombia La Gaitania Filter

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