El Salvador Portillo 48N Espresso

El Salvador

El Salvador Portillo 48N Espresso


Our relationship with producer Rodolfo Ruffatti always brings about incredible cups that demonstrate how creativity, knowledge, and a desire to do something new can combine into making something special. This coffee is a 48-hour natural, made of the Portillo varietal - a variety cultivated by Mr Portillo himself.

A distant relative of Ruffatti, Salvador Portillo spent much of his career in coffee farming cross pollinating plants and creating his own cultivars, being instrumental in the discovery of Pacas. After sending this variety off to the lab for analysis the variety was attributed to the lab manager instead of Portillo, but this didn’t waver his commitment to producing something new. Then came the Portillo variety, a fruity cup that works well for fermentation and processing experiments, as well as having rust resilience and vigorous growth - the things every variety wants to be. 

These Portillo plants were grown on the Ruffatti family farm, Finca El Salvador. This is a super funky, fermenty cup with notes of maraschino cherry, dark chocolate, and grapefruit.

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 El Salvador Portillo 48N Espresso

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