Guatemala was a bit of a late-comer for us, but after two consecutive years working with PrimaVera coffee importers and the Santa Marta farm, we are happy to have it as part of our selection. There’s using only a lot of this coffee so when it’s gone it’s gone!

2019 - Santa Marta

It’s back for a second season! From Santa Marta farm in the Mataquescuintla region in New Orient owned by David Rodríguez Batres comes this lovely Guatemalan. Grown at around 1800 - 2200 masl, this washed yellow bourbon is just as sweet as last years yellow catuai. It’s milk chocolate, cinnamon and stone fruit all the way. 

2018 - Santa Marta

The first Guatemalan coffee for Friedhats and a great one at that. This one is from the Santa Marta farm owned by David Rodríguez Batres in the Mataquescuintla region in New Orient. 

With an altitude of 1800 - 2200 masl it is at quite a high elevation for Guatemalan coffees. It was harvested in January and February of this year, washed processed and sun-dried (like the tomato) on their patios.

Like our Brazil its of the Yellow Catuai variety but that’s about all it shares in common. Its sweet with a gentle yellow fruit (think apricot or nectarine) acidity. And it’s very pleasant drinking all day long!


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